At age 73 an old man who played skating as a teenager – video viral


A video of a 73-year-old man standing on a skating board and skating as a young man is going viral on social media.

Yes, this video is a testament to what you can achieve if you are diligent, hardworking, and enthusiastic about your work. Igor (73) played a superb skateboard and this video is appreciated by everyone.

In the video, Igor is wearing a beret and jacket, half-standing very carefully on a skateboard, and riding on an empty road. And we can see in the video that Igor fully enjoying the skating ride.

Igor has been playing skating since 1981 and is now 73 years old. However, Igor wrote in Caption that he has been skating since 1981. The video was uploaded by Max Timmukhin and has received over 12.2 million views so far. Many have commented on Igor as a legend.

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