Can Humans Ever Live on Jupiter?


There are many planets and moons in our solar system and the largest planet is Jupiter, which is a group of gases. It is classified along with Neptune, Saturn, and Uranus planets. People have known about Jupiter since ancient times. Also, the planet is intertwined with many cultures – myths and religious beliefs.

In India, this planet is also called ‘Guru’. In English, it is called ‘Jupiter’. The planet was named Jupiter, the mythical goddess of Roman civilization. Will humans ever be able to live on this planet? Come let us find out along with more interesting things related…

On Earth, it is 24 hours in a day whereas in Jupiter only 9 hours and 55 minutes make a day! You would be surprised to know that Earth’s 11.9 years is equivalent to one year of Jupiter!

A quarter of Jupiter is composed of a mass of helium, especially hydrogen. It is always covered with clouds of ammonia crystals or ammonium hydrosulfide. There is no surface on this planet. It is also called a gas demon because the planet does not have its own land, which is entirely composed of gas clouds. It is impossible for humans to live here in such a condition.

Jupiter is composed of 90% hydrogen, 10% helium, and some quantities of methane, water, ammonia, and rock particles. This planet has its own powerful gravitational force and for this reason, it is also known as the Solar System’s vacuum cleaner, as it protects the earth from devastating attacks. If Jupiter was not in our solar system, perhaps the earth would not exist.

Looking at the temperature here, Jupiter is a very cold planet, with an average of -145. C has a temperature and also the biggest in size when we compare to other planets in our solar system.

According to scientists, there have been severe storms on the planet for about 355 years, called “the Great Red Spot“. In fact, this hurricane appears as a red dot. It is so big that 3 planets like Earth can fit in.

the Great Red Spot, Jupiter Planet
The Great Red Spot

In 1610, Galileo first saw Jupiter with a telescope. He also discovered Jupiter’s large moons. Jupiter has a total of 79 moons, followed by Saturn containing 62 satellites around it.

Although scientists are constantly watching it, they have not been able to uncover the mystery of how the storm has been going on for hundreds of years.

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