What is American Revolution? What are the Causes and Impact?

The American Revolution is a colonial revolt that took place between 1765 and 1783. American patriots in the 13 colonies defeated the British in...

What were the Causes and Impacts of Second World War?

The Second World War is also known as World War II, massive destruction happened in (1939 - 1945). It is the greatest armed conflict that...

What were the Causes and Impact of the First World War?

The First World War, also known as World War 1, is an international conflict held on 1914-18, led to most European nations, Russia, the...

Why did the National Emergency in India take place between 1962-1977?

Do you know why was National Emergency in India took place in 1975, India is the World's Biggest Democracy, which has given the fundamental rights...

What is the French Revolution? What were the Reasons Behind and Impact?

The French changed into a revolution in France and called the French Revolution, it happened from 1789 to 1799. It caused the stop of the...

What is Colonialism? How it impacted different Continents in the world?

Colonialism  - The policy or practice of obtaining total or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers and exploiting it economically is...

What is Decolonization? What were the Causes and Impact?

The European powers exploited the resources of what came to be known as the third world countries and subjugated their people for about four...

What were the Challenges and Measures of the Linguistic Reorganisation of States in India?

The Reorganisation of States did not happen overnight, let us understand some background reasons for the cause that took place. In 1947, India as an independent...

What is Industrial Revolution? How did it started and what’s the Impact?

Industrial Revolution is the revolution in the economic processes of production of goods in the economy, aided by the technological innovations that resulted in...

Ghadar Party 1931 – Punjabi’s Revolt Against British in Freedom Struggle

Well, the Ghadar Party had special importance to Punjab, with their ideology and its program of the revolution was unique in the 20th Century...



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