Indian Economy

Measures to Control Population Explosion in India

Rapid population growth is India's main problem. It has become the cause of various socio-economic problems like poverty, unemployment, food problems, social problems, etc....

What is Inclusive Growth? What are the Issues and Challenges Faced in India?

Inclusive Growth in India is a wider concept that creates equal opportunities for economic participants during economic growth, with benefits for all sections of...

Why GDP Growth is Important for the Objective of Inclusion?

Why GDP Growth is Important for the Objective of Inclusion? If this was your question then we gonna solve this, Sometimes planners are criticized...

What is the Importance of Agricultural Marketing in India and Govt Measures?

Agricultural marketing is the involvement of assembling, storing, processing, packaging, grading, transportation, and distribution of agricultural commodities from the farmers to the end consumers. Main...

What is Five Year Plan in India? Types and Plans from (1951 – 2020)

Five Year Plan is a predetermined goal to achieve for the upcoming years with a planned strategy and budget allocation along with the estimation...

Understand what factors influence Oil Prices to Fluctuate?

Understanding Oil prices fluctuation is a little complex but it is not rocket science, today I will help you to know the factors influence...

What is PCPNDT Act? History, Assessment, and Govt Measures

The PCPNDT Act of 1994 is the Parliament Act of India that aims to put an end to female feticides and stop the decline...

What is the Direct Benefits Transfer? Does it Eliminate Middlemen?

The Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) Scheme aims to improve the subsidy transfer mechanism launched by the government of India in 2013. This program aims to...

Explain the Functions of Reserve Bank of India

Today let us learn the Functions of RBI (Reserve Bank of India) known as Bankers Bank and it is the central bank of the...

What is Economic Planning in India? All you need to know

One, Two, Three... oh sorry I was busy counting, 'Yes' we need Economic Planning in India because we use Economics in our daily life. There...



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