Do you know when was Pencil Sharpener Invention took place?

Everyday you or your children use Pencils for writing, drawing but have you ever wondered about Pencil Sharpener no right? Today we will explain you...

Do you know who invented Color Television and when did it came to India

Today we are up to the generation of watching 4K resolution with the effective sound system on the television, but can you imagine if...

Do you think Instant Coffee Invention is recent one?

Instant coffee is the coffee which is almost ready to use with simple and easy steps, it is a coffee bean drink that allows people...

What is the history behind Chewing Gum Invention?

Today Chewing Gum is just a sweet flavored rubber type substance, but from way back of ancient times people were chewing resin tree lumps, some sweet...

Why we cannot say who is the reason behind Alcoholic Drink Invention?

Consuming Alcoholic Drink is the habit of millions of years but its invention was more popular in modern days because of population growth. Today some...

How Fountain Pen Invention made? Is it cheap or costly?

From ancient times, we were using the pen with bird feathers dipped in the ink every time to continue writing, but with the new...

Why Incandescent Light Bulb Invention failed many times?

Do you know who invented Incandescent Light Bulb, we were using at home a few decades back. Thomas Alva Edison filed a patent for...

Who Invented Photography? Photography Invention Secrets

The invention of photography, we remember Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, because he uses light-sensitive chemicals to take the first photograph for the first time. Photography is...

Who Invented Monorail and How Monorail Invention took place?

Initially, Monorail was invented to carry raw materials and agricultural products, there was the opportunity to carry passengers as well, it was implemented later. Palmer...

How did Braille Invention happen? and Who invented it?

Today many of us even though we have all the organs working properly we hesitate to read and build our career in a better way,...



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