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“Lake of No Return” – Anyone who goes there has never returned!

India and Myanmar border has a lake known as the 'Lake of no return' The lake is famous all over the world for some...

Do you know about Popcorn Beach? Found in the Canary Islands

You have seen and heard about many types of beaches around the world. Some beaches are famous for their own specialties. This is one...

This Russian man booked a helicopter to eat McDonald’s burger

Viktor Martynov a 33-year-old man, spent the holidays in Crimea with his girlfriend. According to the reports, they did not like Crimea's local food,...

This Bengaluru grandfather now in the list of Guinness World Records by living 179 years long

Hello friends, some people today live less than 70 years because today's food we eat is so polluted... But not so in the days...

This railway station was closed for 42 years because of a girl! Do you know the reason?

Yes, what you read is 100% true, this station in India was closed for 42 years because of a girl. This railway station is...


This British man works for 70 years without taking a single sick leave

You may have seen people who are passionate about...

Top 10 Famous Bird Sanctuaries of India | Bird Lovers Watch Out!

The biodiversity of India allows a variety of local...

Top 10 Popular Dance Forms of India

India is known for its diversification in culture and...

Top 10 Most Shocking Documentaries Ever Made

Documentaries are non-fiction films or videos that pertain to...



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