10 Unbelievable Things You’ll Only Find in Dubai


When I say Dubai first thing it comes to our mind is luxury, a place you need to visit at least once in your life.

Apart from luxury, there are many other great things you need to discover, today I will let you know the 10 Unbelievable Things You’ll Only Find in Dubai that you may not know until you read this!

1. Gold Phones

Gold Phone, Dubai, 10 Unbelievable Things You'll Only Find in Dubai
Gold Phones in Dubai

Who doesn’t wish to have a 24k Gold Phone? Many don’t even know it exists on this planet but no dought you have to be super-rich to afford one. As one of the recent movie dialogue from KGF powerful people come from powerful places, similarly rich things come from rich places, that is non-other than Dubai.

Yes, most of the people in Dubai are super-rich and they can afford Gold Phones. Are you planning to buy one? Comment below!

2. Dubai Police Supercars

Dubai Police Supercars, Dubai, 10 Unbelievable Things You'll Only Find in Dubai
Dubai Police Supercars

Why Supercars should be used by rich people only? Dubai shuts our mouth by answering that every policeman in Dubai uses Supercar for their duty. They use Aston Martin One-77, Bugatti Veyron, Bentley, Ferrari FF, Continental GT, Lamborghini Aventador, Mercedes Brabus G-wagon, etc.

These are nothing special to Dubai people but still, it can help in catching the thieves or chasing the criminals faster.

3. ATMs To Withdraw Gold

ATM's To Withdraw Gold in Dubai, Dubai Unknown Facts, 10 Unbelievable Things You'll Only Find in Dubai
ATM’s To Withdraw Gold in Dubai

One day I was having a conversation with my friend and I said: “to withdraw money we have ATM, to get food there are ATMs who knows in future, even Gold, Diamonds may come in ATM”.

He said there is already Gold ATM in Dubai and I was shocked to hear and was in dought until I googled it and saw. So next time when I visit Dubai I don’t want to miss seeing Gold ATM.

4. Super Cars Delivery

Super Cars Delivery in Dubai, Helicopter, Dubai, 10 Unbelievable Things You'll Only Find in Dubai, Unknown Things about Dubai
Super Cars Delivery in Dubai

You will be amazed to know that the Supercars are delivered to the doorsteps of the purchaser through a helicopter in Dubai, this super way of delivering Cars you will not find in any other countries.

Omg! what would be the cost and how rich those purchasers would be? These things are common in Dubai but it is a shocking fact for others who know this.

5. Giant Skyscrapers

Burj Khalifa, Giant Skyscrapers in Dubai, Dubai, 10 Unbelievable Things You'll Only Find in Dubai, Unknown Facts About Dubai, Largest Building in the World
Giant Skyscrapers in Dubai

When we say Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world, obviously the city spread with huge Buildings and giant Skyscrapers. We usually see Skyscrapers in some areas but in Dubai, you’ll find everywhere you go.

To get a full view of a Skyscraper in Dubai you need to move to a far distance from the location because the heights will make you feel both the Skyscraper and the sky is merged.

6. Free Food For Poor

Dubai's Free Food For Poor, Dubai, Free Food, Unknown Facts, 10 Unbelievable Things You'll Only Find in Dubai
Dubai’s Free Food For Poor

People work day and night to earn money and feed their family, because of various reasons like unemployment or low earnings many people starve from hunger around the world.

Today we can notice that very few countries provide free food for their people, but the credit goes to Dubai because they started to give free food for the poor which is helping the people a lot.

7. Prettiest Starbucks In The World

Dubai's Prettiest Starbucks In The World, Dubai, Starbucks, 10 Unbelievable Things You'll Only Find in Dubai, Unknown Facts about Dubai
Dubai’s Prettiest Starbucks In The World

Let me know who doesn’t know Starbucks tell me, it’s famous for coffee. What’s special in Dubai’s Starbucks? Starbucks outlet in Dubai is the Prettiest in the world and worth visiting if you are in Dubai or if you are planning to visit in the future make a note not to miss this place.

You will feel like you are in a luxury 7 star hotel for sure!

8. Exotic Pets

Exotic Pets in Dubai, Dubai, 10 Unbelievable Things You'll Only Find in Dubai
Exotic Pets in Dubai

If you are in Dubai and want to visit someone’s home, be cautious! Before reaching their place call them and ask whether they own any pets if so, ask which one because if you enter their home casually your heart may come to your mouth by seeing a Lion or a Tiger playing with them.

In Dubai, having wild pets is a very common practice. Anyone Dares to Visit?

9. Super Cars For Food Delivery

Super Cars For Food Delivery, Dubai, 10 Unbelievable Things You'll Only Find in Dubai
Super Cars For Food Delivery in Dubai

I have seen some videos on Youtube where people use Supercars as a taxi for pranks or get people’s reactions on videos but this was shocking to me.

In Dubai, a lot of fast-food chains like McDonald’s, and others provide Supercars to deliver the food faster. I wish to have this service in my country too.

10. Palm Island

Palm Islands, Dubai, 10 Unbelievable Things You'll Only Find in Dubai
Palm Island Dubai

Palm Island is the world’s largest man-made island, hats off to the creator for the unique thinking and for making it a success. If you visit this place once in your lifetime you will never ever forget it.

The place acts a bigger role in commercial and entertainment activities which attracts tourists from all around the globe. The buildings and people standing on a man-made island are crazy aren’t it? Man can do impossible things possible if he wishes.

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