These Are the Top 10 Expensive Things in the World


In this world, there are many things that everyone can afford and some things only the rich people can afford and some no one can afford which are some of the richest items.

One can find the rich things which are built luxurious using some of the rarest of the rare minerals or some of the items that define luxury. Here are some of the expensive things in the world.

Keep in mind that these lists are listed as per our research, however, there are many things that are equal or more which will be mentioned in the list.

10) Gurkha Black Dragon Cigar

Gurkha Black Dragon Cigar, Top 10 Expensive Things in the World
(Image source: Cigar Obsession)

Cigars are a cylindrical roll of cured tobacco used for smoking. Apart from cigarettes, Cigars are with no filter, and when you smoke you inhale the tobacco directly. There are many cigars produced worldwide and one of the most expensive cigars in the market is Gurkha Black Dragon Cigar which a single cigar costs around $1,150.

These cigars come with a chest constructed in camel bone and per chest, only 5 cigars are provided. These cases are now stopped and only 5 of those cases were manufactured.

9) Heintzman Crystal piano

Heintzman Crystal piano, Top 10 Expensive Things in the World, Top 10, Listicle
(Image source: onlinepianist)

While there are many music lovers, musicians, and concert-goers who fancy when they notice a large piano. A simple stringed musical instrument resembling harp in a vertical frame and when you press the keys, the small hammer strikes a chord and produces the sound.

Although most simple pianos are priced between $15-$16 dollars and go around $1000, the Heintzman Crystal piano is priced at 3.2 million dollars and was sold at an auction in China.

8) Magnetic Floating Bed

Magnetic Floating Bed, Top 10 Expensive Things in the World, Listicle, Expensive Things
(Image source: dornob)

The Magnetic Floating bed consists of magnets that weigh around 680kgs. The bed is suspended by 4 thin wires which prevent it from drifting. The bed can support weight around 900kgs and it costs around $1.6 million.

7) Gold Plated Buggati Veyron

Gold Plated Buggati Veyron, Top 10 Expensive Things in the World, Listicle, Top 10, Expensive Things
(Image source: bat96chevy)

One of the second-fastest cars in the world, Buggati Veyron is known for its speed and agility, also known for its price some of the rich of richer car owners spend a fortune and gold plated Buggati Veyron is one such luxury car which costs around $10 million. It goes from 0-100 speed in 2.8seconds.

6) Garçon à la pipe

Garçon à la pipe, Top 10, Top 10 Expensive Things in the World, List
(Image source: Wikipedia)

One of the famous paintings by artist Pablo Picasso, Garçon à la pipe is a painting of a Parisian boy holding pipe. The painting is said to have sold for a record of $104 million.

5) Alberto Giacometti’s L’Homme au doigt sculpture

Alberto Giacometti’s L'Homme au doigt sculpture, Top 10, Expensive Things in the World
(Image source: YouTube)

A private owner in the year 2015 sold the sculpture which is 6 ft tall bronze statue to Steven A Cohen , a hedge fund billionaire. The statue was made by Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti and an independent newspaper reported that “Cohen’s collection of modern and contemporary art is widely considered to be among the best in the world.” Alberto Giacometti’s L’Homme au doigt sculpture is made from 6 casts and it means pointing man. The sculpture was sold at a whopping price of $141.3 million.

4) Feather of Huia Bird

Feather of Huia Bird, List, Top 10, Expensive Things, Top 10 Expensive Things in the World
(Image source: carters)

Picked by an anonymous bidder, the feather of Huia Bird is the only known feather of extinct huia bird. The feather was sold for 10,000 USD at an auction.

3) Manhattan Parking Spot

Manhattan Parking Spot, Top 10 Expensive Things in the World, Most Expensive Things, List
(Image source: businessinsider)

A parking spot at an upscale, posh area in Manhattan is not any normal parking spot. It costs 6 times out of an average American home. The cost of a parking spot here is around $1 million.

2) Antilia

Antilia, Top 10 Expensive Things in the World, List Top 10, Most Expensive Things in the World
(Image source: Mirko Sajkov)

Antilia is a luxurious home owned by Indian Businessman Mr. Mukesh Ambani. The home is around 34 stored high and costs around $1 billion. It is designed to survive 8.0 magnitude earthquakes and has 3 helipads and parking space of over 160 cars.

1) Yacht Supreme History

Yacht Supreme History, List, Top 10, Expensive Things, Top 10 Expensive Things in the World
(Image source: baklol)

Costing around $4.5 billion, Yacht Supreme History is one such Yacht that is said to be plated with 100,000kgs of Gold and platinum.

It is said that the statues inside are made by bones of T-Rex, wine glasses are made of 18-carat diamonds and many such luxurious items which makes it one of the expensive things in the world.

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