Top 10 Scariest Water Slides in the World


What is the first thing that you notice in an adventure park? Roller coaster, Water Slide? But what if you notice a scariest looking waterfall that you want to try but you are scared to try? Here are some of the scariest water slides that you can visit and experience the adrenaline.

1. Kilimanjaro, Brazil

Kilimanjaro, Brazil, Top 10 Scariest Water Slides
Kilimanjaro Brazil

If you want to experience the thrill of water slide head over to Aldeia das Aguas Park Resort in Rodovia which is around 85 miles northwest of Rio de Janeiro.

Kilimanjaro is at the height of 49.9m a short 12m higher than Christ the Redeemer statue and this is not only the highest but also the fastest water slide where you can glide down at the speed of 57mph.

It takes 234 steps to reach to the top and the view from the top is panoramic.

2. X-Treme Faser, Germany

X Treme Faser, Germany, Top 10 Scariest Water Slides
X Treme Faser, Germany

X-Treme Faser is located around 36km from Munich, Germany where it is a part of Galaxy-Erding Tropical Spa and Waterpark. The 67m long ride is so ferocious that they have banned women to slide down as it has injured many of them since 2012.

3. MASSIV Monster Blaster, USA

MASSIV Monster Blaster, USA, Top 10 Scariest Water Slides
MASSIV Monster Blaster, USA

Located in Schlitterbahn Waterpark is on Galveston Islands, near to Houston, Texas. MASSIV Monster Blaster is a 21m high slide which is one of the world’s tallest ‘water coaster’ which goes both Up and Down. The coaster twists, turns, drops, and splashes for almost 300m and ends with a triple-drop.

4. Space twister, Austria

Space twister, Austria, Top 10 Scariest Water Slides in the World, Water Slides, Virtual Reality
Space twister, Austria

Located in Sonnentherme is in Burgenland, near the Austria-Hungary border, Space Twister is one of a kind water slide where the use of Virtual Reality where you slide down jungles and starry galaxies.  The Space twister ride has a 360-degree view which has 3 computerized worlds of Dragons, Aliens, and Fantasy.

5. Summit Plummet, USA

Summit Plummet, USA, Top 10 Scariest Water Slides in the World, Water Slides, Disney's Blizzard Beach, Flo Rida
Summit Plummet USA

The Summit Plummet at Disney’s Blizzard Beach, Flo Rida offers its riders with a speed of roughly 60mph. This adrenaline-filled ride will make you feel like a flash down the coaster which you will be screaming and shouting.

6. Leap of Faith, Bahamas

Leap of Faith, Bahamas, Atlantis Waterpark, Paradise Island, Top 10 Scariest Water Slides in the World
Leap of Faith, Bahamas

True to its name, Leap of Faith has a unique factor of having real sharks. Located in The Atlantis Waterpark is on Paradise Island,  20m drive from Nassau, Leap of Faith sends riders down 18m down the faux ancient Mayan Temple and the rider passes down through a lagoon filled with sharks.

7. L2, Austria

L2, Austria, L2 waterslide, Wörgler Wasserwelt waterpark, Top 10 Scariest Water Slides in the World
L2, Austria

Located at Wörgler Wasserwelt waterpark, L2 waterslide is one of the slides which has a double loop. An official warning, they say that ‘L2 is nothing for wimps, wusses, and chickens!’ They claim that L2 is one of the most extreme water slides. The 14m slide has riders entering the capsule and undergoing freefall where riders would go to double loop.

8. Zero-G, USA

Zero-G, USA, Mountain Creek Waterpark, Vernon, New York, Top 10 Scariest Water Slides in the World
Zero-G, USA

Located in Mountain Creek Waterpark is in Vernon, New York is one of the world’s tallest double loop water slide. Going down the water slide and sliding down the double loop gives you the sense of zero gravity as they accelerate downwards.

9. Insano, Brazil

Insano, Brazil, Beach Park, tallest water slides in the world
Insano, Brazil

Located in Beach Park, roughly 55miles south of Fortaleza, Insano is for adrenaline junkies. The slide is roughly around 140ft tall and is one of the tallest water slides in the world.

10. Brain Wash, USA

Brain Wash, USA, Top 10 Scariest Water Slides in the World, Orlando
Brain Wash, USA

Located in Orlando, Flo Rida Brain Wash is a funneled ride that includes sound, videos, and lights. This heart thrilling ride is a 53 ft drop which will surely make you scream your lungs out.

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