Top 10 Tallest Trees in the World You Never Seen


Trees are life-giver for many reasons. It is noted that there are many trees on earth compared to the stars in our solar system. Some of the trees have been on earth for centuries.

However, some of them have sadly been uprooted, felled for lumbar reasons. Although trees are generally ignored by many, some of them have been revered for their height. There is a various height that the trees grow and some have an amazing ability to grow more than 400ft in height.

Here are the top 10 tallest species of trees that have been recorded in staggering heights and are found in specific places on earth.

10. Alpine Ash

Top 10, Tallest Trees in the World, Alpine Ash
Alpine Ash – Tallest Tree

Found in Tasmania, Alpine Ash is a species from Eucalyptus delegatensis which can grow to a staggering height of 87.9m and is found in Australia. Its area is known for its old-growth forests.

9. Neeminah Loggorale Meena

Neeminah Loggorale Meena, Top 10, Tallest Trees in the World
Neeminah Loggorale Meena – Tallest-Tree

Another species of trees found in Tasmania and also is a member of the Eucalyptus family Eucalyptus globulus is a giant tree that is close to clear cut areas. It is popularly known as the Blue Gum tree and is popular for pulp and eucalyptus oil. It is known to grow at least at a staggering height of 100m but the median growth of Blue Gum trees is 90.7m. 

8. White Knight

White Knight, Top 10, Tallest Trees in the World
White Knight – Tallest Tree

Australia is home to many tall trees and another tall eucalyptus trees found here are White Knight. These are series of supertrees that grow at Ever Creech Forest Reserve and are said to be located here for over 300 years. The white knight is known to reach a height of 91.3m and it is no wonder that Tasmania is home to several tall eucalyptus trees.

7. Yellow Meranti in Borneo

Yellow Meranti in Borneo, Top 10, Tallest Trees in the World
Yellow Meranti – Tallest Tree

Found in Borneo, the species of Shorea faguetiana is found in Danum Valley of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, and is known to grow at a staggering height of 94.1m. It was once the tallest tree in Malaysia.

6. Cypress Tree Near Bay Langdra Ney

Cypress Tree Near Bay Langdra Ney, Top 10, Tallest Trees in the World
Cypress Tree – Tallest Tree

The species of Cypress tree found in Bhutan are one of the prime examples that trees do not need protection to grow. These supertrees of Bhutan grow at a staggering height of 94.6m and has a diameter of 4.27m. These are considered sacred and legendary trees which are worshipped during any festivities.

5. Giant Sequoia

Giant Sequoia, Top 10, Tallest Trees in the World
Giant Sequoia – Tallest Tree

Giant Sequoia is one of the tallest trees in the world which reaches a minimum of 90m in height. What sets sequoia apart is the sheer girth which is more than 20m in diameter. One of the Giant Sequoia is General Sherman which has one of the sizes in girth. These are found in California USA and are one of the tallest trees in the world.

4. Raven’s Tower

Raven’s Tower, Top 10, Tallest Trees in the World
Ravens Tower – Tallest Tree

Another California-based Tree that is featured in the list of Tallest trees in the world is Raven’s Tower which is located in California’s Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park although the exact location remains unknown the current tallest tree was measured in 2001 and had reached a height of 96.7m.

3. Doerner Fir

Doerner Fir, Top 10, Tallest Trees in the World
Doerner Fir – Tallest Tree

The Doerner Fir barely misses the mark against the #2 tree in the world by just a small distance however it is featured in the list of tallest trees in the world.

These non-redwood trees are found in Oregon, USA and the current tallest tree was discovered in the year 1989 and there have been reports that trees which were at a height of 142m have been felled due to logging. The Doerner Fir is said to grow a minimum of 99.75m in height.

2. Menara

Menara, Top 10, Tallest Trees in the World
Menara – Tallest Tree

The tree was discovered in the year 2019 and was named Menara which means tower in Malaysian. Menara is the world’s tallest known flowering plant and tropical trees which are found in Malaysia. Menara reaches a height of 100.8m however, there are still doubts that either Centurian or Menara are the tallest trees.

1. Hyperion

Hyperion, Top 10, Tallest Trees in the World
Hyperion – Tallest Tree

Hyperion is the #1 tallest tree in the world reaching a staggering height of 115.92m and is found in California, USA. The last known measurement of Hyperion was conducted in the year 2017.

Hyperions are the tallest redwoods known and beat many eucalyptus or other redwoods by many distances. The tallest known Hyperion was the Lindsey Creek tree (Fieldbrook, California) which was uprooted by a storm in 1905. This tree was 118.9 m tall, diameter could reach 11.6 m.

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