Why some trees are painted in white color? Know the scientific reason here…


You see the white and red color on trees along the road. This method of painting on the underside of trees is quite old. But have you ever wondered why the color exist? In fact, there are many scientific reasons behind it, here’s a little information about…

The idea behind this is to give the green trees more power by painting the bottom of the trees. You should notice that there are cracks in the trees and their bark starts to peel off. Due to this, the trees are weakened. They are painted to strengthen them. Color increases the life span of trees.

Another purpose behind coloring trees is that they do not become vulnerable to insects. This is because these insects hollow any tree from the inside, but because of the color, the trees are protected against pests without getting damaged.

Trees painted with white color

In addition to the safety of the trees it will be painted, it is an indication that the trees are in the eyes of the Forest Department and not their own. White is only used for some trees, and some use red and blue as well.

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The trees along the National Highway Road are painted white, as they are visible to motorists in the dark of night.

To summarize:

The trees are painted mainly for these four reasons.

1) Telling the tree belongs to the Forest Department,

2) Make it easy for motorists,

3) Extend the life of the tree,

4) Protect from insects.

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